Most facebook users on Cyprus

Posted on 11/01/2012


Reading an article in pingdom that Cyprus has most fb users per population (69 %) in the world. I was a little surprised actually. Perhaps because most of my Cypriot cousins aren’t yet connected. And honestly I didn’t think internet awareness was that high.

Speculating possible reasons I’m thinking the community factor is what is particularly appealing. Cyprus is a small and tight society where most people are somehow connected. They like to meet in large gatherings such as weddings and christenings.

Keeping in touch with family and friends living outside Cyprus might be another reason. There are in fact almost as many cypriots permanently living in England as in there are on Cyprus for example, and with only a few universities on Cyprus many young cypriots choose to study outside of Cyprus making a lot of new friends abroad.

Something else related that comes to mind is the marketing potential when 95 % of all internet users are connected to fb.