Assuring quality assurance

Posted on 06/04/2016



I learned to appreciate my sense for quality when I was in a business analyst role some years ago. I understood that delivering poor quality solutions would require re-building the precious trust we previously had gained from our clients.

The type of business analyst role I was in involved project management. Hence my responsibility started with listening to business needs and ended where the solution was delivered and accepted by the client.

While juggling several projects in various phases and communicating across six countries, I always negotiated to incorporate quality into my projects.

From my experience, it is often possible to find room for quality assurance in projects, even those on a tight deadline. Prepare and convince your management of the benefits and risks with trading off quality from the delivered solution.

I am currently in a quality assurance role, and find many similarities with a business analyst’s role. Both are “in the middle” – having a broader perspective on the solution – analyzing requirements and assuring the quality of the created solution.

The difference is rather on the focus. Where the business analyst’s is on delivering, the QA’s is on improving the solutions.

Therefore the business analyst needs to make an effort to assure the quality of the solution is being assured. While the QA engineer needs to assure he or she is capable of assuring quality in an optimized way.